X & Y limits on Neje Master 2s Plus

Hi There folks,
I am new to lightburn and laser engraving and have just set up my first laser which is a Neje Master 2s Plus.
I ran the auto setup in lightburn and it is cutting/engraving but when I select ‘Go to Origin’ the laser head moves all the way to the plastic ebd stops and then the steppers grind for a few seconds.
I have tried making the cutting bed smaller but it still happens.
Does anyone know what I have done wrong as all I can find on Google is setting origin and that isn’t working.
Thanks in Advance

It’s probably a configuration issue. Did you check and follow the Lightburn Grbl Setup?

You should also go through the Coordinate and Job Origin documentation.

More than likely it’s a setting that you missed or isn’t right…


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have you read this? is the neje wiki page on how setup neje with LB

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