Xtool 10 watt looks fine but laser has no power

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why my XTool 10 watt laser engraver appears to be working fine but will not even burn paper at 100%. I have reset the engraver but still nothing. It was working fine when I turned it off last. Any thoughts?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Judy

Double check that $30 and S-Value are set to the same value.

The other thing that can cause this is excessive speed.

xTool recommends speed settings in mm/second but the actual control board works in mm/minute. If you get speed settings from a forum post, be sure that the units of speed match. If you ask for more speed than the engraver can handle, the engraver will travel at its maximum speed and cut the power to compensate for the shortfall.

Under Laser Tools, you’ll find the Material Test. It really is the best way to confirm that your settings will work well for you.

Bright white paper can reflect a great deal of blue light making it a challenge to get nice results at high speeds.

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