Xtool Connectivity

Cant get lightburn to connect to the D1. I’ve tried manual set up and it doesnt work. The layers section just says “waiting for connection”. I can get the laser to fire using XTool’s creative space software but it wont frame. UUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!

You’re saying the manual creation doesn’t work or it doesn’t work after manual creation.

For clarity, can you confirm that you used the xTool provided lbdev file here to create your device?

User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xTool

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I moved this into the xTool catagory to help you get some attention/motion on this.

That looks like the type of message you might see in the Console window.

Post a pic of the USB cable you’re using to connect with LightBurn. If it’s a good cable (short, shielded, with Ferrite beads) you should be able to get a little bit further with it than ‘Waiting’.

With XCS closed and LightBurn running…

In LightBurn, with the USB cable connected, with the Console window open, open the Laser window and click on the bottom middle button. Select a different COM port wait 10 seconds and see if it connects… attempt to connect with each COM port until you connect or options run out.

I went back through a tutorial I was sent to the LB page that I hadn’t found. I was able to get all the correct setup files etc by following the instructions. It’s working now. Thanks for all the input.


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