Xtool D1 - Absolute Coordinates - Solved

Hello everyone,

I’ve just installed my Lightburn Camera and have set it up following the instructions.

I’m trying to familiarize myself with Absolute Coordinates so that I can use the camera properly. When I place my laser head in the top left corner of the machine, it’s origin, and I select Get Position in Lightburn, it shows X=1 and Y=2

Is there any way to set that to X=0 and Y=0?

When I move the laser using the Set Laser Position, it’s no where near where it should move to - I’m guessing it’s off by the x=1 and y=2

I hope that makes sense


0,0 should be wherever you happened to have the laser head when you turn on the laser. Is that not the case?

Try “get position” immediately after a power cycle. It should read 0,0.

Ahhhhhh, I got it now. Didn’t realize it sets 0,0 to wherever the laser head is when you turn it on. That fixes the problem! Thanks berainlb !

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