Xtool D1 accuracy problems

Hi, I just bought an X-Tool D1. They recommend using lightburn. The software seems very capable. The issue I’m having is the x tool is not staying accurate to lines in the paths and skipping one out of five scan lines when doing the full “Print mode” engraving. The big selling point of this cutter/ engraver was supposedly it’s accuracy. If it stays like this I won’t even be able to use it. Does anyone have suggestions for ways to tune the accuracy? Is this an x tool issue, or is it something that’s an issue with implementing it in lightburn?

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We too just received our xTool D1 w/ Rotary and are still in the process of connecting it and getting it going. I’ve nothing to add or help with (yet) but I’m definitely interested in this issue and the conversation that it entails.
(new to the site too, so I’m still learning the ‘ways’)

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I’ve tried everything I can think of. I made sure the interval is set very small (0.0015) and it improved the overall quality of the raster, but it’s still skipping one line seemingly every 5, and I’m noticing the edges right and left are not clean. Not clean. Now. Now I’m starting to wonder if it might be a belt issue. If anybody has any suggestions I will gladly take them. I have a lot of materials I’d love to try on, but not if they’re not going to cut cleanly.

Just a suggestion but have you tried running the same project in xTool’s Lightbox (their software) to see if the problem persists? That would at least tell you if it’s a software or hardware issue.

Thanks, it was a hardware issue for cutting. I ended up taking the thing completely apart and putting it back together again. That actually fixed a huge amount of the accuracy problems. The one I have now is fill cutting, fill or raster type graphics, there’s a huge offset, almost an eighth of an inch where it reprints horizontally. I found all sorts of things that say that I can change settings to fix it, but no matter what I do, it’s always off by an eighth of an inch, repeating the graphic.

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