Xtool D1 Home position

Hi All, I have a question for all setting a return home origin.

Machine: Xtool D1 10 watt,
Lightburn: 1.1.03
Windows: 10

I have been working with current and user postions with Lightburn in the cnter of the bed. I saw a youtube
video with a guy that had the XtoolD1 and he said he set his home return postion for the gantry to go to after
finishing all jobs. He said he went to device setting, selected the “return to finish position”, then set both the
X and Y to 1 inch each ( to get the gantry out of the way of his finished part). I have tried that in absolute
coordinates and the gantry will go to a side rail. The Xtool D1 homes in the upper left top corner, I notice the brown
and the green dos are in the left corner. After I changed the position the X1.0 and Y1.0, the dots still remain in the
upper left corner. Maybe someone can please help me with what I am doing wrong. Anyway, I am just wanting to
run a job in the center of the bed, when complete, have the gantry move to upper left X1 Y1, put a new part in the middle
of the bed and keep going.

Thanks all for the help in the past, your answers have always worked.

Where is the laser head when you start the machine?

Can you attach a screenshot of Edit->Device Settings?

Thanks berainlb, here is a screen shot of device setting for trying
to get a return to home position, and when I start the job, the laser head is in the center of the bed, thanks, Tim

Before you turn on the laser, where is the position of the laser head? It needs to be positioned manually at the top left before powering on for the machine to know that the top left should be considered as 0,0.

Once you do that, pushing “get position” in Move window should show as 0,0. Subsequent jogging moves should show positive coordinates in X and Y as you move right and down respectively.

After a job is has been run it will move to 1,1 based on the machine’s understanding of 0,0.

Thanks berainlb, worked perfect.
Thanks again for the fast help.


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