Xtool D1 Material Library Question

Hi community, I am setting up a material library in light burn for the xtool d1 and have a question for all.
When i got to the library and select a material and click on it, say for engrave, each item has the edit node command button in front of the description. Is this normal? thanks for any replies. I have not set
any properties to each material, just created the material names. all materials for the ortur do not show
this edit node command button design.

Screenshots are useful in situations like this.

But I think I know what you’re referring to.

The icon is meant to indicate if the cut operation is set to line or fill and the icon will change accordingly.

Also, the material library as far as I understood is not laser specific. There’s a single Material Library Window shared. I suppose you could create laser specific libraries or entries but I don’t think there’s anything keeping you from referencing any of the material settings in any laser.

Thanks berainlb for the reply on the library icon in version 1.1.03, with the part library name, i put a engrave and a cut description. when i go to cut and layers window, change the cut to line, the icon stays un filled, when i got to fill option in cut and layers, the icon stays the same, the icon is not filled.
i think in know what your were saying in previous post about icon color changing depending on line or fill mode. Thanks for replies, as all can see, i am just a beginner and am learning alot from your help.

I’m noticing that the change may not appear immediately. Either reload the library or restart LB to see the change.

Sorry cant get photo to upload about the fill icon turning black when selected in the material cut
library. will check and try again through the week, tried to upload in the forum, and said not recognized.
cant upload photo to show the fill icon turning to black in material library