Xtool D1 Pro 20W Fire button

I have a new issue with my Xtool D1 Pro 20W, I have the fire button set to 1% which I have used for over a year with no issues. However now when I try and frame the laser is burning into the workpiece.
I have checked and $$30 is set correctly to 1000 and $$32 is set to 1
I have re installed the Xtool profile as well as Lightburn. I have also rolled back to an older version of Lightburn with no change.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please open the Device Settings window in LightBurn and confirm that the S-value max is set at 1000.

You can also recover previous settings in LightBurn by clicking File, Load Prefs Backup, and loading one of the prefs files from when LightBurn was working well for you. Thankfully the date is part of the filename.

S-value is set to 1000 and I will try a backup

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