xTool D1 Pro Origin


I just opened my xTool D1 Pro and want to continue to use Lightburn. The laser is fine moving laterally in the XX direction. Press the “right” move button, and the laser jogs right. The problem lies with the YY direction. If I press the “Up arrow” on the computer, the laser moves towards the front of the machine, towards the motherboard rail. I have the origin as “Lower Left”, but this thing is vertically mirrored.

Help !!


  1. Make sure Origin value in Edit->Device Settings is top-left.
  2. However, if it’s not already, that likely means you didn’t use the .lbdev file provided by xTool to setup your laser. In that case, you mean want to recreate the device using that file.

Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

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