Xtool D1 Pro stops engraving even though Lightburn still shows progress

I was in the middle of running a tumbler yesterday. It was a 5 hour job. My MacBook Air M1 has everything turned off that would interrupt the job like falling asleep etc. The laser stopped around hour 4. In Lightburn I could see the progress still counting down. I was able to hit the pause button and the resume button. It did nothing to start the laser back up again. I had to abandon my job. I had to force quit the software. This happened to me again today. I was running a 4 hour tumbler and it stopped around hour 3. Same situation. I was able to watch the progress count down. This time I was able to close the software without doing a force quit. Earlier in the day I was able to get through a 5 hour job without issues. Not sure what is going on.

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