XTool D1 Pro with Extension Overtravel's

Hi Community,

Awhile back I had a lot of homing issues with my Xtool D1 Pro 20 watt. Here is what I did
and it seems to be working for me. The main wiring harness was attached to the frame in three
places on the side where the controller is with wire ties, and it was routed UNDER
the carriage and plugged in at the right side end. I unplugged the connections on the right side
and re routed them OVER the top of the carriage and re plugged them back in. Know when I
turn on the machine it will home without throwing alarms. After homing, while in the Move Window,
I can jog the carriage out manually somewhere in the center, and then press the Move Window
home button, and it will also home without overtravel’s. Maybe this can help anyone having overtravel
problems. I am not saying this is a fix to any overtravel problems, but, for now, it is working for me.
Maybe it was hooked up wrong to begin with. I never saw anywhere how the cable was hanging up.


Xtool D1 10 watt with honeycomb, Windows 10,
Xtool D1 Pro, 20 watt with honeycomb and extension kit, Windows: 11
Ortur LM2 10 watt (not the pro), Windows 10,
Lightburn: 1.4,