XTool F1 - can you default red laser for file?

Running Lightburn on the F1. I have several different files but every time I open a file to engrave metal I have to click a tab and enable the red laser in order for it to engrave. Is there a way of enabling the red laser in the file itself or the machine settings?

On my machines, the device sets which configuration it has… I don’t have one of these nor a LaserPecker 4, so I have no direct experience…


Yes, you can by changing the “Start Gcode”. It’s found in edit < device settings < G code. In the “Start Gcode” area, add M114S2 without any punctuation. However, you’ll have to remember you did this as selecting the blue laser will now no longer work from the menu.


Thank you so much for this answer. You saved me a lot of headache!

So, you could make 2 machine profiles, one for red and one for blue and just switch back and foirth like that, no? I’m going to be helping a local maker get her F1 up and running this week or next so this would be a helpful point for her. I’ll give it a try

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