Xtool Original Rotary having skewing issues after update?

I’m super confused as to why my xtool original rotary just started giving me grief after my Lightburn update today. I have an xtool D1 10W, and an original rotary. It has been engraving just fine on my rotary tool, no problems. I upgraded to Lightburn 1.4.03 today, but also (just in case this is relevant), downloaded the XCS software for xtool today, as well, but haven’t used it or done anything with it.

The first time using the rotary after the update just minutes after correctly doing engravings, it started spinning repeatedly when doing the test in “Rotary Tools”, and created engravings that made each line about 1mm apart, like so:

I looked online and found someone who mentioned that if you changed the rotation to 32mm per rotation from 360mm per rotation that would fix it. So I gave it a try, and it “seemed” to fix the problem. So I engraved my test grid, but obviously there is now still a problem with skewing a bit, like so:

Here are my current rotary settings:

What am I missing??? It was literally engraving perfectly this morning. Arghhhhhh…
Thanks for any help!!!

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