xTool P2 - lots of missing features - coming when? (or user error?)

I’m having the same issues with the Xtool S1. But the fault is totally on the Xtool team. They advertise and have instructions on how to use the S1 with Lightburn, but basic jobs don’t work. Like the red pointer offset when using the rotator. The fans on the IR module don’t work. I feel like being scammed. They are indeed responsive and try to help, but it’s like they didn’t even tested it with the lightburn.

We don’t yet have a S1 on hand, though that is planned for the near future.

Because xTool has their own software (XCS) I suspect that LightBurn ‘compatibility’ goes as far as making the machine able to read GCode. That’s about it. All of the internal fancy functions (camera, 3D probing, etc) that aren’t exposed to the outside world (read: LightBurn) have no documentation regarding how to access that data, leaving it up to us to reverse engineer USB captures of the data sent between PC and laser. That’s a very specialized skillset, and not an easy task either.

I have suggestion for Lightburn. Rather than do everything yourself, you should publish APIs that each vendor must support on its “Lightburn module/plugin”. This allow lightburn to focus core functions while keep the vendor happy about it own interfaces. We see this type of arrangement in Fusion 360 and many others. In addition, this will be easy for Lightburn to enforce compatibility.

This is actually already on our roadmap :slight_smile:


So, any update with this or did you need to give up after all?

I finally sent my P2 back via Amazon last week. Xtools can stick the machine up their…
It is a hobby machine - at best. I’m shopping around for something else. I already own an OMTech fiber and Creality 40 watt Falcon. I’ve been discussing, and seriously considering, importing something directly from China.

Sadly we didn’t buy via amazon but locally and it’s not as easy.
Lately fan gave up, got a new one, seems it was not the fan but the mainboard. I mean sure, can happen but !! they have a dedicated section in the help area where this issue is mentioned. Means they know and still ship it! Just like they know the basic fan they have inside is a joke and offer an inline fan upgrade. Should be standard for the price !
So after a bit over 2 months i can clearly say: stay away from xTool or generally first generation stuff.

OMTech seems good overall from what we heard. Looking into them as well. You happy with yours?

I have a P2 in shipping on it’s way to me now and hopefully I don’t have the same experience. I’m part of the Beta group so part of my hope is to be able to test P2 improvements as they are released, and I have patience to work in both LB and XCS as necessary in the meantime. I’ll continue to design in LB and import to XCS until improvements are made.

That said, the next step up would be the Thunder Bolt from the research I did. It moves away from hobby grade into light industrial without having to go with a big floor model.

I haven’t had it long enough to comment. I’m shopping for another CO2 in the 100-150 watt range. I’ve personally visited both Aeon and Boss here in FL. Aeon makes a good machine. Boss is a relabeled Gweike from China. I went to both companies with a checkbook in hand and neither could close the sale! Terrible sales staff. In the case of OMTech, I setup a sales call and corresponded by email and they were responsive. Both Aeon and Boss have LONG lead times on product. OMtech can deliver most machines quickly. I haven’t really looked at Thunder but they have a great reputation and those folks are from Texas - so you know they have to be good people (lol).

My former background is software. Something very similar to Lightburn. If the Xtools people start today and they hire incredibly talented people with years of programming experience and strong math backgrounds they will be able to produce something akin to Lightburn’s current product in 2 years. Want to wait? I didn’t think so….BTW. The Lightburn guys need to be examining cubic splines for their curve interpolations:) I could probably put you in touch with a retired guy who can supply the code base within a couple of weeks. And no, I’m not talking about myself:)

Without going too far off topic, I looked at the Gweike as well as the Omtech which is just a rebranded Gweike Cloud. Honestly I was very underwhelmed with them. The P2 sold me on the marketing front but I also know I’m just getting another China based desktop CO2 but at least it’s a huge step up from my old k40.

I’m in Florida as well, but don’t think there are any resellers near me for any of the brands. Either way, fingers crossed I can hold out. I’m not a production shop so a bit of inconvenience or having to use XCS “for now” I will live with. I still use LB for my fiber and I’m still very active with just general use of the software even if I don’t hit play to the machine.

My main issue with XCS is the huge amount of time you lose on bigger projects. I mean, 40 minutes or 15 makes a huge difference as a shop!
Plus you can only do basic stuff with it. Sure, it’s enough for most things but if it isn’t you’ll have to fiddle around with other programs anyway, so why not LightBurn directly (once it has the missing features).
That way i only need 2-3 programs. 1-2 for creation, 1 for everything laser related that also saves me time!

As for the P2, yeah well… If we could sell it, we’d do it right away!
Too many small things that slowly but sure pile up to call it a good investment. And we didn’t really ramp up production even yet. Maybe half an hour a day for now.
Once all samples have been made and put into the shop, that number will go up really fast and honestly, we’re afraid of the P2 not being able to support it’s claim!
The fact that they have a page on their website related to fan issues being due to faulty mainboard doesn’t encourage trust…

I use the camera on XCS to position work record x and y coordinates save the work piece. Go into Lightburn. Open the SVG file and enter the x and y coordinates. Pick out a shape in XCS burn it in line mode record x and y save svg file go into LightBurn open the file - enter X and Y and your Z the first time you try, remove the ribs just in case, till you see if it works for you

My Z coordinates also are minus 25 mm on z the top of the Ribs or Knife blades, so if I have a 3 mm piece of stock and I wanted two millimeters above the piece I set at 20 mm for the z-axis you don’t have to go in and edit the g code I put in the GOZ27I don’t know what it does if that helps and enable in the z-controller–enable z-axis that works for me. If you don’t trust it at first, remove your slots and bring the Z down. Then measure the distance and height from a slot by sliding the workpiece underneath it. That’s what I did

This is a workaround that’s possible and yes, there are other solutions as well.
Sadly all of them rather tedious when switching material and thickness all the time.

But for now my glorious P2 is broken anyway (fan current too high - got a new fan, still broken; now they want me to bring the thing in and we’re like “hell no, was tedious enough to bring it to the second floor once, not doing that 2 times over!”).

Should’ve went for OMTech… Yeah well, early adopter, new hyped product, renamed brand. We should’ve seen it coming.

But hey, when mentioning P2 doesn’t even work fully with LightBurn you know what the seller said?
“Why would you even choose LightBurn, XCS can do all that as well!”

Yeah well, no comment…

So turns out it has some graver issues and they came to take it away, test it and now, well, still waiting on what’s up exactly. Only been a couple of weeks so far…

Anyway, to not get this totally OT:
Seems XCS is rolling out some updates (or has already, not totally sure) that allow vectors now as well.
Only about 50 features missing and LightBurn might not be needed any more XD