xTool RA2 Pro - ruida

Has anyone tried the xTool RA2 Pro with a Ruida controller and a dm542t style stepper driver? I’ve got an omtech CO2 machine and this looks like a nice rotatory tool. I’m willing to make a custom cable if it’s possible to get this type of system working.

Or would it just make more sense to get one of the ebay rotatory tools marketed for the omtech style machines?

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I believe my China Blue motors run on a 24V supply…

If yours is 12V, the motor driver you have has a minimum voltage of 18V. You can’t use that motor driver…

DM542T_V4.0.pdf.txt (861.3 KB) - remove the .txt extension… it’s a pdf.

You can measure the size of the motor, they are NEMA specification. A NEMA 17 is 1.7 inches on a side…

Data-Sheet-Stepper-Motor-Support.pdf.txt (839.0 KB)

If you do have 24V system, then it should work and we can guide you through that…

I would think it should work if the voltages are the same…

Make sense?


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Hi Chris, I’m curious, did you get something working here?

I haven’t tried yet. But I’m considering going with the basic chuck rotatory from omtech that I can find on ebay. I think it will do what I need and I won’t need to fiddle to much with the electronics.

Good idea, I thought you might be interested that another member here @Magier7 did manage to get the xTool RA2 rotary working with a Ruida controller but I’m not sure exactly what the details were for the stepper driver that was used and it’s settings, you could try to message Stefan for details.

even if the rotary is still just a stepper motor that has to be controlled by lightburn
for this you need the firmware v15.01.30
I installed this firmware via RDWorks

I wrote back and forth with the support a few times, also with developers who currently state that a change in lightburn is planned
But you are welcome to vote so that the change may occur more quickly

I also had a lot of emails with a certain one
Cheers, LightBurn Software Support
Written to somehow get my rotary to work in a roundabout way