XTool will not "jog" or move in LightBurn

Just assembled Xtool D1 pro
Updated Firmware and Drivers
Imported xTool-D1-V2.lbdev into LightBurn
Machine will home to top left
BUT the jog /move arrows …nothing happens …
If I move by hand to centre of workspace and outline a 20 x 20 mm square and hit start
it will frame
but I cant move machine in X or Y
Using LB v1.2.04
Machine will move using xTool Creative Space
What am I missing
other users tell me they can move the Laser in LB

Try this out

Manually move the laser to center of workspace, the turn it on and start LB, but dont home the machine - can you jog it then, and does it jog in the correct direction? it could be the stepdir pins need to be reversed (in machine settings).

Thanks …already tried that …nothing it won.t move
BUT it will home when home button pushed
Plus I can>t change any of the GRBL settings in LB console
I do have the hidden switch on upload side also

Can you take a screenshot of LightBurn with Move window showing?

Issue resolved …with so many other issues with machine I returned it