XtoolD1 pro 20w keep resetting and homing in the middle of a burn

I’m so frustrated with the Xtool D1 pro 20w, every burn stop In the middle of the burn and ruins my projects. The machine resets and homes itself.

Resetting and rehoming can be a symptom of a weak Power Supply and a bad brown-out condition.

Static electricity can also hit hard enough that an engraver won’t just stop - it will fully reset. If you select the ‘Show all’ switch in the Console window in LightBurn you may be able to scroll back and see evidence of noise or static getting into the serial (USB) communication or the silent drop caused by a weak power supply.

If the behavior is predictable and about 15 or 20 minutes after you stop touching the keyboard the quit and restart could be caused by a windows setting but shouldn’t be the case.

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