Y-1200 selfbuild machine

Hey all,

I am interested in building my own machine with the plans of Rob Chesney (Further Fabriation, check out his youtube)
Before I start I want to collect all the parts.
Since I live in The Netherlands/Europe, most parts are easily available.
However… I have problems finding one part.
The honecomb bed.

Does anyone know a place where I can order a custom sized honeycomb bed? In Europe. I can order it from Aliexpress and such but the shipping costs are massive so I want to avoid that.

Having built my own laser as well, I also started with a honeycomb bed, well, because everybody else did! however 2 years down the line I have reverted to a simple flat bed with a thin steel sheet on it. I can then use magnets to hold and position stuff. I also found that the back flash from the honeycomb marked the back of cut objects and they then needed cleaning off. I found that mounting the job 20mm off the bed removed all signs of back damage and saved a lot of cleaning up. Even when engraving I mount the work on the same 20mm spacers as it means the laser lens tube (adjustable) is further inside the outer tube and therefore locks more stably. I only use a small piece of honeycomb now if I am cutting/engraving something really thin like card or paper, that needs more support. Just a thought before you spend lots of money on shipping in a honeycomb bed.



Hello David,

I agree with you.
However I often cut and engrave laser. I think that cutting the leather on a flat sheet might give me a lot of back lash.

I have to turn on my first laser to see how bad it was again :wink: but I might be too lazy.

You have given me food for thought since I do have a smaller loose honeycomb frame already.

Thanks for thinking with me

You are very welcome, let us know how you get on.