Y-axes will not stop

First i have LightBurn to do tumblers which is working great i still have to mirror it, and no my mirror setting is off, but i can work with it have done lots now, now i’m back to doing other work with LightBurn for the first time and just trying to do frame work first i try 1inchx 1inch and works when i go bigger like 5inch x 5 inch the y-axes will keep going till it its the frame , i have set origin to current position have check my $ codes , something could still be wrong there not sure…help plz

There is a section on the Yora lasers/hardware.

Don’t know what kind of rotary you have, but you can probably flip it around and it will fix the mirror issue. The other option is to change the motor wiring so it goes the other way, I did that on mine.

Is this the first time you’ve tried this or did it work and now it’s acting up?

You probably need to go through the steps from power up to where the error occurs.

Where do you put the head when you power it up? I assume it does not home.

Where is your position set for home in the ‘Device Manager’?

Does it produce a 1" x 1" square?

Are you set in inches or mm?


i have the yora TLG its always did the mirror not try the flip around or wiring but good to know i just mirror everyting then burn it works for me so tumblers no problem, as for the y axes i did a 1inch x 1inch, home is back right at both settings, i am using inches… i just now came out to check as per your email and now it wont move states its busy or pause ,

ok restarted computer all is moving now, i did another test i did 1inchx 1inch was good , did 2inchx 2inch and x axes moved 2 inch but y axes moved 3 inch, did 3x3 and y moves 5inchs, did 4x4inch y moved 6inch,x is right everytime

Have you changed any of the stepper motor ‘steps/mm’ or anything?
Do you have a backup of the original configuration?

Seems odd that only one axes would be off and by 50%


have not change anything , and where would the configuration have been stored, where would i see the stepper motor steps/mm.


Lightburn can read your configuration and allows you to save it and restore it. My machine has different configuration for the rotary than regular engraving, so I can just change it over quickly.

Edit → Machine Settings’…

I also assume that the rotary is an option and you’ve used it without for standard engraving…

At this point, I’m not sure what to tell you. This would have been better posted in the Yora area, maybe someone with ‘power’ can move it here… Maybe a better response as I don’t have a similar machine.


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