Y axis burns +70%

Have used LB for some time now with no problems. Having noticed mtytext was not burning to the correct size I created a square 20mm X 20mm. When I burn this I get X= 20mm Y = 35mm. I have checked axis calibrations and all spot on. I can use my machine as a router and used Openbuilds Control to confirm calibration which was ok. Im am sure this will be a simple fix but cant find it. Any help much appreciated.

Do you possibly have rotary enabled?

Yes, that was a simple fix. I am a 77yr old apprentice and not the sharpest tool in the box, Thanks very much

Happens to all of us… get over it and have fun… :rofl:


I’d rather folks asked, get an answer, let go of the struggle and enjoy the journey.

Don’t sweat it. I learn stuff every day here. I get to feel like this all the time.

We’re also looking forward to your next question… :slight_smile:

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