Y-axis missing steps after changing x axis acceleration?

Hi, I have a homemade co2 laser cutter running grbl 1.1h I think. I have pretty much no issues to speak of with the settings I normally run. I usually have my x acceleration at 80mm/s which makes engraving a little slower than I would like like. I just started playing with the acceleration setting and had it at 1000mm/s with no skipping. However when testing an engraving at that accel speed it seems like the y axis is skipping if not during the engraving(result looks fine) then its while the laser head is returning to its start position. I noticed because if I start it again say to darken the image it ends up being a little below the original making repeatability crap. If I home the machine and go back to the starting position before a second pass it works fine. Im curious if anyone out there knows why my x axcel is messing with my y axis. I ended up going down to 500mm/s and its far less almost gone but still there to me… as a side note it cut my engraving times in half without changing interval and.
The engravings themselves were done at 100mm/s with that y skipping being worse at 300mm/s

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