Y-axis moves in wrong direktion

Just started up and hooked up my new laser (with Ruida 6445) to lightburn but I have a weird problem… Have set the origin to front left.

But when I press “go to origin” it moves to front right? And Y-axis moves in opposite direction when I make movements in lightburn? :thinking:
When I press home :house: it goes rear left where the limit switches is so that’s correct I think.

I have tested to change Direction Polarity and that solves the movement, but then it try to home at front left…then i try to change Limiter Polarity but it do not change anything?

Any advise?

You need to set your origin to where your laser homes (In your case the rear left). This should straighten things out for you.

Yes that solved the problem now when i had the Direction Polarity changed. :pray: :+1:

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