Y Axis Overframe Error

I am having a Y axis over frame error anytime I use any job origin right of center of job origin selection.This happens even if I start up a new file no matter where it’s located on my work bedWhen using my rotary attachment

Does your machine home on startup? How are you driving the rotary axis? (several more questions but first, please provide pertinent information regarding your configuration and settings).

Yes it does home on startup and I am running it through my y Axis plug

Please elaborate on your process.

When I Turn on my computer without the rotary hooked up my laser head goes to home for a second and then comes back to center rear

Please tell the steps you work through to utilize the rotary (each step). For example:

  • Lower Z
  • place rotary into position
  • plug rotary into machine
  • switch driver to panel plug
  • enable rotary in Lightburn
  • etc…

I am having the same problem. At times I will be running a project and pause the project for a second and then touch start and I get a y oversize fault for no reason whatsoever. I did nothing but touch pause and try to restart… it makes no sense. Sometimes when I unplug the rotary and plug the y axis back in and hit reset it will work and sometimes not…help

I lower the z
Unplug the y axis and plug in the rotary
Go to rotary setup and set object diameter
Enable rotary
Move y axis over project
Auto focus
Set origin
Make cut adjustments
Press start

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