Y axis seems to stop working

Using a 50w chinese co2 with ruida.

Has anyone seen this before? At the same point in the program, the Y axis stops working EVERY time. I was able to do the rest of the tumbler with no problem except for this part.

Also, the speed tends to pick up like crazy when it gets to that particular area.

What is your ‘Start from’ setting in the software?

Ruida is a bit weird in that even when connected to a rotary, they still enforce the movement limits on the axis as though there was no rotary in use. If you jog all the way to the “top” before you run, and you use ‘Current position’ as the ‘Start from’ setting, you shouldn’t have this problem.

I have it set to current position and I always set my starting point as the origin. Weird thing is that its never done this before on this same design and same settings.

Now it actually did it in another area

When it happens, what is the Y position value on the controller displaying? (and what size is the work area of your laser?)

I would check to make sure that the Y axis motor driver connection for the rotary isn’t loose.

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