Y axis speed and calibration issues

I was engraving 4" by 4" coaters and noticed the image started to get bigger in the y axis but still good in x axis. I stopped and tried a 2" by 2" square to calibrate and when I framed it the y axis was a lot bigger and the speed it travels is a lot faster. The x axis is still the same as before (traveled 2 " at normal speed). I did not change any settings while I was engraving. What can cause this? I updated LB when the software prompted and had engraved on wood and tumblers with no problem for about a week or so. It started doing this in between coasters, I was on 5th one of that run, the first 4 came out fine.
I tried to calibrate the distance but instead of being more than 2" it went to 1/2", in machine settings. I tried to load previous settings but it just goes back to larger than 2". When I move the laser with the buttons on the Ruida controller the x axis travels at the normal speed but the y axis travels really fast. When I engraved the 2" by 2" square to measure for the calibration in stead of finishing in the middle of the square it went all the way left on the x axis when finished. Could this be an issue with the new version of LB? Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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