Y axis wont calibrate

My y axis wont calibrate, I can calibrate the x axis in one try but ive tried the y axis several times in a row and it wont even move a millimeter. Need help!

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Walk me through your axis calibration process for the Y axis…

I had to adjust both X & Y on mine.

You weren’t using or testing a rotary device to engrave round stuff were you?

I go to edit, then machine settings, then calibrate axis, I pull down the “y” axis, input requested dimensions and actual dimensions, then i press write, then write again on main settings menu. Its the same pricess for the “x” axis but it will adjust to what i input, the “y” axis wont. I went as far as to play with thw “u” and “z” axis but nothing happened there either.

This may be one of those Ruida controllers with the mysterious dead-on-arrival syndrome other folks have reported. All manner of peculiar symptoms seem to be cured by a new controller delivered as a warranty replacement.

Make sure you start a dialog with OMTech, because whatever the warranty may be, the shot clock is ticking.

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