YALCM (Yet Another Lightburn Camera Mount)

(Allen Massey) #42

That is a nice mount, but you do not really need anything complicated or adjustable

This is what I made in about 5 minutes and it works perfectly on the 1420. And since it does not move that is one less way it can lose alignment.

I used some UV epoxy to glue the camera board to the acrylic.

(Doug Fisher) #43

Chris’ swivel design was a bonus for my machine because it allowed me to get the camera parallel to the cutting bed. It resulted in less distortion for the camera to have to correct.

Wayne, you can buy powered/amplified USB cables for that longer length.

(Chris Wright) #44


I am not sure who you were directing your question to, but if you meant me, no, I am not selling the mounts - the files are included here somewhere which you could easily cut yourself and the nuts and screws are easily available and cheap to buy. It would cost more to ship than the material to build it yourself.

(Wayne Hesler-Mondore) #45

where did you get the “phone” mount (i think it is)


(David L Williams) #46

It’s from natomounts.com.