Yet another camera question

Hi. Yet another newbie with another camera question. We have a Chinese blue 1000 by 600 bed. It’s 1000mm from the very top under the handle to the bed. From that, and that terrific camera selector you guys built, it seems like an 8N or 8W would be the choice. However, the lid goes straight up, not angled like many cutters. It doesn’t seem like it will point straight down to the center of the bed. What camera and lens would work best? Should and can it be angled toward the center of the bed?

I defer to @LightBurn for comments on lens choices for this system.


Angling it to point at the center of the bed is fine - the angle won’t be much, and the camera system can correct for a lot.

As long as you aren’t using a Mac, the N-75 looks like the best fit for the bed size / height. Check to see how much clearance you have between the laser head and the lid when the lid is closed. If the camera is going to be mounted there, make sure the head won’t hit it if you’re engraving toward the front of the machine.

Thanks Rick. Thanks Oz. That’s just the info I needed.

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