Yet another ceramic tile engraving

After modest success with a first attempt at engraving a [broken piece of] ceramic tile, I still had some paint left from incomplete cleanup, so decided to give it another rip…

Lasered [“close”… like :crossed_fingers:] friend Kate’s likeness on old paint…

image before removing paint…

paint removed…

and everybody approves!

Who am I to say different? I’m counting this a success! :astonished:

Thanks, @Bulldog!

A3 (plane) photo: Eleksmaker 2.5 watt laser - Lightburn, Jarvis dither, 1200 mm/min, 85% power, and 254 dpi

Kate Winslet photo: Eleksmaker 2.5 watt laser - Lightburn, Jarvis dither, 1200 mm/min, 100% power, and 300 dpi

– David

@dkj4linux Looks :+1: :+1: like your Zeroing in ,…Good Stuff

Thank you, @Bulldog. It’s an amazing process. I don’t understand exactly what’s happening with the laser, paint, and ceramic surface but it’s clear it all fuses together somehow. Neat!

I agree i think you are getting it dialed in. Very good.

I discovered by Dinking around,after weeks of trying different paints $$$ etc…it was amazing,What pisses me off is that I mentored a LOT of people to this process only to find that they are making $$$$…that is not an issue what pisses me off I don’t see them helping others

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So you laser the tile with paint on it and then remove the paint?
Those look really cool man!!!

I try to help with what i can so far but still in the learning stage. Been making tiles for my relitives and my dog that passed this week. No selling here just want to learn for my own use.

I hear you, @Bulldog… and I’m thankful you’ve generously shared your talent and work. As you might guess from my screen-name, I’ve been a Linux advocate since the '90-'91 time frame and fell in love with free- and open-source software/hardware a long time ago. And I love the idea sharing and pooling of talent that goes on in the several technical forums I participate in… we all win when good ideas are shared and kicked around. Retired now, and 73 years old, I’m not looking for a job and have no interest/energy in chasing $$$… and think it shameful if I’m not willing to share back to the community, when I’ve been the recipient of so much over the years.

Yes. Search for “@Bulldog” in the LB forum and you’ll see examples of his work and get the “recipes” for doing this stuff. I only followed directions… :wink:

Thanks man! New to this. But I am having a blast learning

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Ahh sory for your loss…pets are family and it leaves a big whole…A good friend of mine just lost their Lab…I did these for them…the tears and Thankyou…$$$$ could NEVER give one that warm feeling

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I am also in the learning stages of the ceramic work and follow the posts of Bulldog and Sasquatch closely.
I’m getting better, but still have a long way to go.
Thanks to both of you gentlemen.

That is what i was trying to use the unglazed tile for to go outside but it did not turn out. Thanks for the help though.

You can actually see the sheen on that dogs coat.
Simply amazing.

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