Yet another 'won't fire' post

Looking through the Forum didn’t find any answers and I decided to post my question.

I have Two Computers (PC and a Laptop) both with windows 10 and the latest Lightburn Ver.0.9.24 , I am also using an Cohesion Board with GRBL-LPC .
In My PC Laser Works like a charm … always worked, now because I rearrange my space and my PC is far I decided to use a Laptop to work on the Laser for the first time.
I was download the latest version from Lightburn website install it on the laptop and I was load my licence key and also copy the prefs.ini file from my pc to my laptop .
All works fine , movement homing etc. but the Laser won’t fire at all, I believe that something have to do with the software or the drivers? if I connect my laser back to my PC works like it should be .

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you

I will add something more on the info of my problem,
In my PC that the laser working pretty fine windows 10 use the ‘ambulo 2400 usb serial driver’ .
but in my laptop that the Laser don’t fire windows 10 use the standard Serial USB drivers …
is this make any difference ?

@kfilosofou Have you ensured that LB is looking at the correct com port for your laser on your laptop? It will most likely be different than the port on your PC. Look at the LB documentation on how to set up your laser manually and follow those instructions.

Thanks for your answer ,
I tried also manually , didn’t make any difference unfortunately.

I have format my Laptop on to fresh Win10 Pro copy, I have reset my Cohesion mini board and tried manual and also automatic to connect the Laser in Lightburn and the problem still there .
The laser moves like it should be in all axes but not fire … also the fire button on Lightburn don’t work .
Still when I connect the laser in to my pc (also Win10 pro) works like a charm.
Any other ideas it would appreciated @raykholo @LightBurn

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