Yeti style cups not burning off coating

I have a BossLaser 3655 150 watts laser. Doing very well with it since getting started in Nov 20. I have figured out the rotator and got the settings right. I did a couple of cups and they did well. I returned to flat bed use for several months. Now when I try to put an image on a yeti style painted tumbler, all it does is melt the coating, not remove it. I’ve tried different power settings from 15% all the way up to 100%. But not luck . Still just melts the coating. What am I doing wrong? I can’t think of a setting I changed, so what’s the secret?

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You just need to clean them! Use a Magic Eraser or equivalent with a good cleaning fluid. LA’s Totally Awesome Cleaner and a generic magic eraser from the Dollar Tree will set you free for two bucks.

Thank you! I will get one tonight!

I just did a few RTIC cups with my 60W CO2.
Speed 250mm/s
Max PWR 22
Line Interval 0.04mm (or 635 lines per inch)

Wiped with a magic eraser and isopropyl alcohol. Turned out great.

I just ran to the DG and got some generic magic erasers. Used the magic eraser and alcohol. Cleaned right up. Thank you both for you help. They were out of the LA’s cleaner so when I get some I will try that also. Thank you again for your help.

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Put some Zep 505 degreaser in spray bottle, works great one squirt, wipe clean.

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