Yoda Glass Flat Black Etch

BDAY gift for In-Law


Very very nice work. The only things that bothers me is the abrupt cut on Yodas right side I would have loved to see it match the left side, it would have been a better balance.

Cheers :beers: and thank you for sharing g your beautiful work


I give Saqatch right that it is a very fine quality. Knowing that a small piece of the arm is missing is a little annoying.
Can you say a little about the process and material you used?

Thank you, totally agree, it has annoyed me since finishing it, Will probably go back to it at a later time and even it up but after quite a few failures it nearly broke me…hahaha

Live and learn I guess.

4W Diode
2mm Picture frame glass Flat black spray paint

4W Diode
Setting Lightburn Layers pallet Select Jarvis
My personal setting were 25mm/sec @ 30% power
DPI 282
90 deg (as the image was Horizontal it shortened the burn time)

Resize image and change dpi to 282 pretty good for Dither on glass or timber or similar.

Remove Background making sure all area’s are clear (no artifacts left over)

Brighten whites, make greys slightly fuller ( not too much)

Invert image in software before saving

Save image as jpg

Import image into Lightburn

Position image onto matt black glass surface ( Do Not Invert Again )

Reason for inverting in photoshop. If using jpg and inverting in Lightburn, it will burn all
white area’s leaving you with an image in the middle of a white square.

Inverting outside of Lighburn allows for the program to only see and burn the image not the surrounding area.

Only true if the background is black instead of transparent. If you invert a PNG with transparent background, it inverts only the image content.

Same source image, right one inverted in LightBurn:

thank you very much, i am going to reactivate my old alexmaker again. :wink:

I never think to use png, you get used to using basic formats tiff jpg psd etc. I will have to keep it in mind thanks

Your welcome. Sometimes i get disheartened with excellent work i see from the K40’s, Thunders etc. Then i do work like Yoda and and Alien i did tonight and realise again diodes are great.