Z axis 'alignment'

(Adam Schäfer) #1

When placing a sheet of material onto the bed (covering the entire 1300 x 900 bed) the top right area about 400 x 400 or thereabouts does not cut through.
The entire rest of the bed cuts fine except this area.
I think it has to do with when I dislodged 1 of the bars on the bed accidentally and the bed was raised, getting it jammed between the bed and the frame.
Now, the question is how do I go about truing the bed to the gantry?

(Nigel Conroy) #2

Russ Sadler has done a video on this where he manual adjusts the threaded rods in all four corners to level the bed.

Basics is disengage belt that drives table, loosen nuts under each corner, move laser head to each corner measuring distance and turning each threaded bar individually to get the distances as even as possible. Tighten back up and away you go.