Z axis confusion and Z max travel ignored

I have added a stepper to my z-axis on the mks dlc 2.0 board and I am pretty confused about getting the axis to work properly in LB.

Right now when I home the machine the z axis moves up till it hits my limit switch then it backs off by 5mm from the switch setting Z = 0 at that point. The axis has about 45mm of travel and pressing the up button in move window moves Z in positive increments ( closer to work table or down on the axis).

From my reading that is what LB expects is for positive moves in Z to move closer to work table.

My first question is that LB seems to be just ignoring my Z max travel setting in the firmware, if i zero the axis and for testing i set it to 30mm which is less than the real number and i move the z down with the toggles it will move past z = 30 in fact it will let me crash the axis if i keep going.

My initial aim is to do a focus test burn under tools but I really would like to know that LB is respecting the limits on the axis before i even try it so if i set the limit at 30 i would expect it to not move past 30 like all the other axis do if i try and move past the limits

In device settings i have toggled, enable Z axis and Relative Z moves only.
In my machine settings $3 = true, $23 = true, $132 = 30
In grbl firmware i also have #define HOMING_FORCE_SET_ORIGIN enabled

Can anyone shed some light on how to properly setup Z axis when the laser is what is moving and not the table and to why LB seems to ignore the max travel for Z

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