Z axis control issues

Can someone help me understand what’s happening in Lighburn when I activate Z axis control option? I have Boss LS1630 (Ruida based). Been cutting with Lighburn without any issues, until I tried enabling Z axis in settings. Now before it starts cutting it tries to move my table all the way down for no apparent reason… I barely had time to press emergency stop before it lowered all the way down…
Z-offset of the material is set to none. I auto-focused manually prior to cut

When using Z control, you have two options:

  1. Set the material height using the ‘Material (mm)’ entry box under the cuts window
  2. Set the ‘Relative Z moves only’ toggle in the device settings

Ruida controllers only allow absolute Z moves during a job, so I have to know the height to use. The ‘Relative Z moves’ toggle means that when you start or send a job to the controller, it reads the current Z value from the machine and offsets everything by that, so it’s simpler to use, but you must be connected to the machine to use it.

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Awesome, setting it to Relative mode helped!

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