Z axis cutting down a slope

I have the Z axis enabled and I want to cut down a slope by setting up a seqence of step cuts (different layer) with progressive Z axis moves. Just like walking down and then up a set of Stairs. In other words, laser will cut across 1 step and then move the bed (z axis) lower then cut step 2 as it moves from step to step with possibly 5 steps in a sequence then returning progressivly up the set of steps cutting again at each step.
I have increased the focal distance by changing the nozzle and lens focal length and have clearance between nozzle and workpiece of approx 400mm so no chance of a collision.
However, I have hit a limit on the Z axis move in or out of 20mm can this be changed to a higher number say 50mm. Also , when moving between steps can the automatic return to Z home be dissabled such that z axis moves relative to current position and not return to home Z then to the next offset position.

Which version are you using? The latest release has a Z range of +/- 100mm. An “optimize z moves” option is planned, but not implemented yet, which would skip the “return to baseline” Z move you’re talking about.

Hi OZ, just updated to the latest version and see the +/-100mm excellent. as always you are way ahead of us, look forward to the Z Axis Optimiser…

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