Z Axis Doesn't Stop after move

I have been setting up my 3040 Woodpecker v3.5. So far I have done some power/speed tests with great results. But I have been manually adjusting the Z axis for the focus. Its an Amazon “35w” diode… probably closer to 5w… but I digress.

When using the X and Y buttons on LightBurn they move according to the input, and stop. But when I press the Z axis buttons it moves, and doesn’t stop. I have to turn off the machine or press the stop button as if its burring an image. Is this the intent? My other software doesn’t do that.

No it shouldn’t do that. I have used that setup, but a little older firmware on the Woodpecker. Check the ‘move’ tab in the cuts window, check the information on the right as far as how far and how fast.

Also with grbl the control is streamed and you can ‘queue’ up a bunch of moves. Try giving it a single click. Don’t remember Lightburn doing this but other grbl programs I’ve used would do that.

Good luck :slight_smile:

That all made sense, I was looking for settings similar to my CNC software continuous, step and so on. I couldn’t find anything. And It wasn’t logical that X and Y moved in steps, but the Z didnt. Im still working on it.

There is a grbl setup in the lightburn docs. Have you done that?

Do you have this device setup properly?

If this is correct, I’ll have to think on it. Hopefully someones that had this happen or knows the solution may chime in.

Good luck :smiley_cat:

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