Z axis issue and cutting plywood

Does anyone know why does it happen ? It is plywood 3 mm and as you see not whole square has been cut. Why ? : If I cut plywood does it matter if Z-axis going down by one step ( 1 mm) after each passes ?.Will it make better results ? I have diode laser.![IMG_0510|375x500](upload://19z


It’s hard to tell from this picture because you have not said the size of the square, but the line on the bottom looks very thick, so it could be out of focus. Plywood often has glue or knots in the middle layers which make it hard to cut as well.

square is 20 mm x 20 mm, plywood is high quality, dry and dedicated for laser cutting. I’m testing with speed and power. Now it’s better. 29 I don’t know if this help but I activated some options in cut setting editor. Maybe you can suggest me which option should be ON ?

You shouldn’t need cut-through if you are using overcut, and kerf offset is to shift the cut outward or inward, if you are trying to make shapes that need to fit together perfectly. It is to compensate for the width of the laser beam.

19 I need to cut these objects from plywood 3 mm . I set speed 90 mm/m and 100 power . So which options should I set from cut setting editor ? Thanks for helping me, I can improve my skills :slight_smile:

Well you can’t increase power any more, so decrease speed until you get where you need to be.

Sometimes plywood tends to curl, so be sure the plywood panel stays flat.

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