Z-Axis Manipulation on 1.1.03 changes other parameters on data sent to machine

Hi. Using 1.1.03 on Thunderlaser Nova 35 with Ruida 8.07.07.
Changing from z-axis of 0.0 to -1.0mm (out) changes power settings and speed to machine, does not affect software. Appears to cut speed in half and triple power. Example, settings on LB are 600mm/s and 2.5% power for line cut at z of 0, adjust the z to -1.00mm and send. Looks good in software but look on machine and speed sent is 300mm/s and 7% power. I’ve reset Ruida, rebooted and I can reproduce this at will in new LB files. This appears to me to be a bug in LB 1.1.03. Glad to provide photos/screenshots. Jim

Please post the lbrn file that’s affected and i’ll try to get it into the hands of someone that can test and reproduce the issue.

I’d like to allow the tester to work from the same file to eliminate as many variables as possible in tracking this down.


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