Z-Axis moving very slow

I’m setting up a powered Z-axis on Ruida controller and everything is working great except when the Z-axis moves to the set height before cutting/engraving it move very slowly; like 5 minutes to move 1/2". It’s set to move 10mm/s and it does when I manually move by the keypad or home it. It’s only moving slowly when moving to cut/engrave height when running a job. I’m guessing I missed a setting somewhere?

Move window > Z-Speed > 10mm/s
Machine Settings > Z Axis Settings > Max Speed 10mm/s

On the controller itself, what do you have the speed set to?

0.9.11 and earlier set the Z speed to 10mm/sec when used, but when I added support for the feeder axis, that speed setting interfered (and seemed to apply to the feeder as well), so it was removed from 0.9.12, and now just uses the ‘default speed’, but I’m not actually certain where that comes from.

I could put it back if the feed axis is disabled.

Max speed for Z in the vendor settings is set to 11mm/s. Are you asking about a different setting?

Yes - on the keypad. Press the Speed button - what is that set to?

213mm/s …

I just checked my other laser that has a working Z and I have the same issue. Was working fine before the update so I think that may be the problem.

Is the feed axis something I need to disable?

No, it’s a feature that we added support for and found there’s an interaction between setting the Z speed and certain uses of the feeder axis. There’s nothing to change on your end. I’ve added code to put the Z speed setting back unless the feeder table option is enabled, and that will be in 0.9.14, likely released shortly to address a couple other issues.

Thank you…

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