Z axis needs replacing 100watt co2

Hi all. Having major issues with the z axis on my blue and white 100watt co2. Its been problematic raising and lowering for a while and now it refuses to move at all. I lubricate the posts and plastic nuts frequently so i know that isnt the issue. Ive taken the whole thing apart and checked the screws and nuts for any kind of damage and there isnt anything noticeable. All the posts can be turned easily by hand in the machine. But when belts are connected it locks up when i try to raise or lower it. Ive just replaced the 2 stepper motors that drive it but that made no difference. Pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. Havent been able to do anything on it for months other than coasters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’d suggest first isolating if the issue is mechanical or electrical.

Do the stepper motors turn properly if not connected to the Z-axis mechanism? Do they sound and behave normal?

Are you able to manually adjust Z height by rotating belts manually or by otherwise actuating the mechanism? Ideally this would be done the same way that the motors would turn so that you can test the whole mechanism. If this does not work, then try to isolate the failure location by testing each component of the chain progressively until the failure point is isolated.

I think… When you say all the posts can be turned by hand is the problem.

It sounds as if you’ve disconnected the chain at some point and they’re no longer synchronised.

Youll need to level the table in both x & y by moving the individual screws to get it level. Once it’s level it shouldn’t jam, but you’ll need to raise it fully up and measure all 4 corners against the laser lens.

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