Z Axis upgrade does not chage direction?

Just upgrade my Z Axis for autofocus. Only have the new stepper and drive installed. Doing some initial tests before introducing the autofocus probe and limit switch.

I can only get the Z axis to drive in one direction? Are there setting I need to adjust?

The probe switch acts like a limit switch, so it’s probably on all the time, preventing Z from moving “toward” the probe.

Haven’t yet connect the probe switch or limit switch. Just trying to do some pre-tests to make sure the Z-axis travel is correct and it will only go in one direction…

If you have enabled the direction limits, they’re usually set to detect a switch and stop when the switch is deactivated (called a normally closed switch) as this is safer - if the switch malfunctions, the axis will stop immediately instead of never. I would check that first.

haven’t enabled. Where do I find this setting? Now have limit switches installed.

It will be in Edit > Machine Settings, near the bottom of the Vendor Settings area in the Z axis settings. One is called Limit Trigger (enable that), and you might also need to change the Limiter Polarity.

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