Z Cut Depth pass Ajustment

Is there a way to drop the Laser Head down after a or ( each ) Pass

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Thanks for that image showing the Z OFFSET, Rick! But…after this particular layer would be run, does this Z OFFSET revert back to the original Z (focus) at the completion of this layer? Or do I need to re-run my Auto-focus?

E.g. If I wanted to increase cutting depth across multiple layers, say 1) surface, 2) 0.5mm depth, and 3) 1mm depth…would I need to set layer 1 to 0mm offset, layer 2 to 0.5mm offset, then layer 3 to “1mm offset” --OR-- “another 0.5mm offset”?


Sorry, I think I misunderstood. :slight_smile: You can do this by using the ‘Z step per pass’ setting.


Both Z-offset and Z-per-pass settings will retract either after the current cut (if you have optimize Z disabled) or when necessary at either the end of the layer, or end of the job (if you have the optimize Z enabled).

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Thanks for the clarifications, Rick and Oz!

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