Z per pass not working

I am having the exact same issue. I am using C3D laserboard with LB 0.9.02. I tell my cut setting to make 3 passes and raise the bed 2mm per pass. Nothing happens with the z axis while the cuts are made. I am able to jog the z bed up and down in LB and the steps are correct. I measured in single mm, 5mm and 10mm just to be sure it didn’t get off track moving longer distances. Each time it was spot on. Just to be clear, this is the setting I am using. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

Hi Robert - In the device settings, have you enabled the Z? If not, the up & down arrows for jogging will still work, but LightBurn won’t emit the commands for the Z moves during a job.

I’d recommend turning on “Enable Z axis” and “Relative Z moves only”, as shown below:


Oz, you are my hero. No, I had not done that. It’s always the simple things. I really appreciate it. I will be at the shop tomorrow (unfortunately) so I can give it another shot. I will let everyone know if that fixes my issue.

Have a great Memorial day weekend!

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