Z Speed issues - cohesion3d board - lightobject z bed

I have a lightobject z bed and a cohesion 3d board in a k40. To move the bed in lightburn the speed has to be set to 1, if I open the setting menu it will default the speed back to 10. Additionally I can’t run a focus test or have the bed move as it seems to try the 10 speed as well. Something about that speed causes the motors to lock and not respond. Maybe this is a configuration issue with the motors, or a combination of the software commands and the what’s being sent to the smoothieware function on the cohesion board? I’m up for trying things as I really want this to all work.

There is a lot of guidance about that Z Table and the C3D LaserBoard on the Cohesion3D Forum. Recommend you start there.

It’s likely either speed or acceleration or both - the Z axis, if it’s threaded, won’t be able to move nearly as fast as X&Y, and the acceleration will be much slower as well. You might also need to configure the steps/mm values for the Z if you haven’t yet - if those are wrong the other two aren’t going to be correct either.

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On my cohesion board the z steps per mm are set to 3169 which while crazy high is what is recommended for the lightobject bed. I did some digging and it looks like some people said the power was .9amp and other said 1.2. I had the lower, adjusting higher seems to have affected the change I needed to get the focus test working. Also the speed changing for z from 1 to 10 seems to have gone away with todays update. Not sure if that was an included patch but I’ll take it all as a win. Thanks much!

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