Z step per pass by more than 1 passes

How can I adjust that? That a shape is completely cut in one go and only then the Z movement is made. At the moment Z is moved at each line. With many small lines, there are more z movements than xy. The result is OK. But a lot of unnecessary z movements.

I’m not sure what you’re asking. If you don’t need Z-motion for your cut layer, can you just not use it?

Set Z step per pass to 0 in the cut layer.

Example: 4 Passes, 1mm Z step per pass.
With thick plywood I need several passes. Red = Z Movements.
More efficient would be finish 1 level, then Z move to the next level and finish that level. And so on…

Thanks for your help

That looks like your shapes are not connected into continuous loops.

If it’s cutting part of the shape in multiple passes, then moving to the next part, that is why.

Select all of your shapes, ungroup everything, then use Edit > Auto Join to connect them.

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Yes that’s it!
Thank you for your support.

After Edit > Auto Join to connect:

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