Z steps per pass how to help needed

home built laser with diode using marlin.
want to cut with more passes Z to go down 1mm per pass.
at the moment Z does not move down.
not sure which boxes need ticking?
put in number of steps = 3 + Z step per pass = 1mm
the laser homes OK and cuts OK,
cheers Malc.

If you click the ‘Spanner/screwdriver’ icon near the top-center of the LightBurn screen, you will get this window. Look to the section at the upper-right, highlighted in red.

thanks Rick
its now working, lightburn doesn’t update the LCD while it’s working but sets it back to the start height.
It would be great if X,Y and Z could be updated as it’s moving?

…doesn’t update “the LCD”?

Which LCD? If it’s on the controller itself, it would be the job of the controller to update it.

Lcd is RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller, useing skr1.3 control board.
I swaped firmware with wiring the same to smoothieware XYZ updates on the Lcd while cutting but I can’t workout laser power
set it to 2%, 50% or 100% laser allways cuts at full power.
if you could help with laser power I would stay with smoothieware.
thanks Malc

Well have got Marlin to work now but X Y Z update until the 3rd stepdown and then goes to the final depth.
returns to start depth when finished,I can live with that in marlin.
Smoothie doesn’t work the same as marlin because it’s looking for laser/fire [1.0=100%] and Marlin is looking for fan/switch [PWM-255=100 =100%] to turn on the laser. You need different setup with smoothie.
hope this might help someone else who is scratching thier head.

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