Z table excess movements

Hi, I have just installed a motorised Z table, when I home the Z axis, the table lifts and hits the microswitch and sets the Z position to zero.
I have made a test job, drawing lines at different heights and printing the Z offset next to the line (I am putting the Z offset in each layer). What I expected to happen was the table to move to the correct height, draw the line, print the text then move to the next height for the next layer and repeat the process. What actually happens is the table moves to position, draws the line, then returns to the Z home position before dropping again to the height drawing the first letter, return to zero, back down again draws the next letter, back up to zero, then down again… etc. This takes forever!
Am I doing something wrong or is this just the way it works???
(using a Cohesion 3d board with the latest firmware)

I can understand whatvyou are doing and my take is that lightburn is doing whatvyou have asked of it.

You could simplify this bybusing the focus test under tools, input all your data and it will drop each height and burn a line.
Check my own post on this f I r my duel laser test.
Material height is set in the cuts tab.

I think if you set “Relative Moves Only” for the Z-axis controls in Edit->Device Settings you’ll get the behavior you expect.

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Hi, all working now, it wasn’t the relative moves, but using “optimise Z moves” did the trick (obvious really I suppose!)

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