Zbaitu 80w 10w output cut problem

Hello. After updating the program, I faced a problem. It doesn’t complete my cut, it breaks. The power of the laser weakens. This problem does not occur when working with another program. Laser equipment is Zbaitu

The most common causes of this issue with your type of laser are commanding your laser to run faster than its maximum allowable speed, leading to power downscaling, or having an S-Value Max set in LightBurn that does not match your laser’s firmware’s $30/Maximum Spindle Speed value.

Check to make sure you are using the same speeds in LightBurn as the other program, taking care to pay attention to the units you’re using - a given number in mm/second is much faster than that number in mm/minute.

Also check to make sure the S-Value max matches the $30 value in your firmware. You can check the $30 value by going to ‘Edit’ > ‘Machine Settings’, or entering ‘$$’ in the 'Console window. You can adjust the S-Value max in LightBurn by going to ‘Edit’ > ‘Device Settings’.

You can read more about that here:

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