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Produced: 1/8/2023 8:03:12 PM
Mode:  All  
Left file: C:\Users\lcipr\Documents\NoCloudMirror\WorkShop\CNC\designs\Test Cases\XA tcB.nc  
Right file: C:\Users\lcipr\Documents\NoCloudMirror\WorkShop\CNC\designs\Test Cases\XA tcB G94 corrected.nc  
; LightBurn 1.3.01 = ; LightBurn 1.3.01
; GRBL device profile, current position   ; GRBL device profile, current position
; Bounds: X5 Y5 to X55 Y55   ; Bounds: X5 Y5 to X55 Y55
G00 G17 G40 G21 G54   G00 G17 G40 G21 G54
G91   G91
M4   M4
; Cut @ 1000.002 mm/min, 17.5% power   ; Cut @ 1000.002 mm/min, 17.5% power
M8   M8
G0 X5A13.481   G0 X5A13.481
; Layer C00   ; Layer C00
G0 X5A-6.74   G0 X5A-6.74
G0 X-0.08A1.169   G0 X-0.08A1.169
G1 X44.32A10.535S175F984.81 <> G1 X44.32A10.535S175F1012
G0 X-44.546A-9.401 = G0 X-44.546A-9.401
G1 X42.291A20.751F939.7 <> G1 X42.291A20.751F1047
G0 X-42.658A-19.686 = G0 X-42.658A-19.686
G1 X38.975A30.336F866.03 <> G1 X38.975A30.336F1097
G0 X-39.474A-29.373 = G0 X-39.474A-29.373
G1 X34.474A38.997F766.05 <> G1 X34.474A38.997F1157
G0 X-35.089A-38.166 = G0 X-35.089A-38.166
G1 X28.927A46.475F642.79 <> G1 X28.927A46.475F1216
G0 X-29.642A-45.804 = G0 X-29.642A-45.804
G1 X22.502A52.543F500 <> G1 X22.502A52.543F1270
G0 X-23.292A-52.048 = G0 X-23.292A-52.048
G1 X15.393A57.014F342.03 <> G1 X15.393A57.014F1312
G0 X-16.234A-56.71 = G0 X-16.234A-56.71
G1 X7.815A59.75F173.65 <> G1 X7.815A59.75F1339
G0 X-3.682A-66.382 = G0 X-3.682A-66.382
G1 X45F1000   G1 X45F1000
G0 X-50A67.406   G0 X-50A67.406
G1 A-60.666F1348.14   G1 A-60.666F1348.14
M9   M9
G1 S0   G1 S0
M5   M5
; return to starting pos   ; return to starting pos
G0 X-5A-13.481   G0 X-5A-13.481
M2   M2